Caddy has been rewritten from the ground up. It is faster, more robust and visually more attractive. Well, it embraces some of Apples new design philosophies, which I find appealing.

Perhaps the most significant change to the application is the hole navigation. This improved feature allows you to quickly navigate between holes.  This change typifies the sorts of changes that have been introduced to the application.

The aim of the changes is to improve readability and bring forward the important aspects of the application. For example, in the game editor on the left The controls for stroke tracking are bigger and have a greater presence. 

Functionality such as accessing the scorecard has been made more obvious. You can either select the scorecard or drag it out.

On the down side some functionality has been temporarily tropped from the application. There are a number of reasons why this has happened. The main reason get the update to market ASAP as the existing application is unstable under ios7.

The functionality that was dropped in this release was:

  • Course upload/download
  • Email scorecard
  • Different scoring methods
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