Are you sick of using pen and paper to record your golf scores? Or are you are frustrated when your pend/pencil is broken? 

Then Caddy is the ideal application for you. With Caddy you can use your iPhone to track your current score! 

However, Caddy is much more!. You can use it to compare compare previous scores, to analyse your round. It has a range finder that allows you to determine the distance to the hole/hazard or layup. 

You can use Caddy to record your score or up to four players. The application also has different editors to allow you to chose the one that best suits your style. 

If you are interested in tracking individual stats, Caddy can do that or you can just track your stokes. The choice is yours. Alternately, you can track each club you use and Caddy will record the distance of each shot for you. 

You can then take all this information and view statistics on: 

- Past rounds 

- Key performance indicators 

- Hole averages 

- Club averages 

- etc

© Mark Kuzmycz 2013